What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms? You might be asking. The shop’s owner is in the middle of a criminal trial. Chief Operations Officer Joe Meaux tried to keep the shop open while his name and reputation were tarnished. The owner, however, is now having to explain why the store closed. Former employee Glenn Flemming, a former gunsmith at the shop, has now launched a YouTube channel called The Gunners Vault that is dedicated to all things gun-related.

In the series, Will Hayden had several businesses. Red Jacket Firearms was one of them. It is a combination firearms shop and custom gun-maker. Among its custom firearms are the AK-47, M-16 semi-auto rifle, Saiga shotguns, and more. The show was incredibly popular for five seasons. However, it was canceled due to child molestation charges brought against its owner Will Hayden, who is currently serving a three-year sentence and 40 years in prison.

The show followed the business of the Sons of Guns and its founder, Will Hayden. However, a year after the series was aired, Hayden was arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault against a twelve-year-old boy. The episode was canceled by the Discovery Channel after Hayden was arrested. The producers of the show were unable to find a replacement for the show, so they canceled the show.

The series also made headlines when Will Hayden allegedly raped a girl who worked at Red Jacket Firearms. Hayden hid the money in his charge account and was planning to set up his own side-business. However, the former partners sued him for the money and he was ordered to pay the victims $130,000. There are many other theories about what happened to Red Jacket Firearms. But the most glaring is the fact that Hayden’s daughter is now the youngest and had been abused by her father.

Will Hayden, the owner of Red Jacket Firearms, almost quit the business after being robbed and left with debt. While he almost gave up, he remained dedicated and worked hard to rebuild what he lost. But his story is one of the most inspiring stories in American history. While the store may have been robbed and ruined, the story behind it is one of perseverance and hard work.

Besides his involvement in Red Jacket Firearms, Hayden has also been involved in other criminal cases. He co-owns two other businesses nearby. These include Aklys Defense and Meaux Guns. While both have been convicted, Meaux is still working with Watson at these new businesses. As a result, he is facing an even stiffer sentence. So, what happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

The company was unable to account for ten registered arms after an ATF inspection. Will Hayden eventually surrendered his firearms license as part of a compromise deal with the government. In the end, Vincent Buckles took over the business and was given a license. He is also helping Stephanie with the business. The business is now flourishing again, but there are still many questions about the company’s future.