How to Get a Class 2 Firearms License

how to get a class 2 firearms license

Before you can get your class 2 license, you need to fill out a form from the ATF. The application is very simple, but you have to follow certain guidelines to be successful. First, you need to be 18 years old, a US citizen, and capable of legally owning a firearm. You can’t lie on your application for this license, as this is the same as misrepresenting yourself on your title 1 firearms license.

Next, you need to determine what kind of license you want to get. If you want to purchase a firearm, you need to apply for a Class “G” license. You must prove you have completed at least 28 hours of classroom and range training in order to get this license. The processing time for a Class “G” license is approximately 60 days. In the mean time, you can practice with a handgun at home.

The Type 07 FFL is a bit more difficult, but it’s not as expensive as you may think. It only applies to a limited amount of firearms, including military weapons. You can’t import non-sporting weapons or commercially reload them, but this license will still save you a lot of money. A type 06 FFL is perfect for hobbyists or those who just want to buy special hunting ammo. It only costs around $3,000 to obtain and is valid for three years.

If you’re planning to make and sell firearms for profit, you need a FFL. A class 2 license is required by law if you plan to sell or manufacture title 1 and 2 firearms. The “class” designation means that you have paid Special Occupational Tax, which permits you to make and sell firearms that fall into a specific classification. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is the regulatory authority and takes 60 days to act on your application. You also need to apply for zoning approval and outfit your facility with an alarm system.

A class 2 FFL is the easiest type to obtain. It is popular for people who want to own a home-based FFL, shop online, or attend gun shows. A type 02 license can also be used to pawn guns. You can also buy and sell NFA items and silencers if you have the Type 07 FFL. Lastly, a class 03 SOT is only for curio firearms and collectors.

Before you get started, you must first obtain a state business license. This is a cut and dry process and usually happens when you pay fees. After you’ve finished paying the fees, you need to decide if you want to establish your business as a corporation or have your own business. This is a necessary step for gun store owners, and it will take at least four months to get the required paperwork in place.

To sell guns online, you’ll need to obtain a federal firearms license (FFL). This license is required by law, and you must also meet state and local laws and regulations. A FFL must also be renewed every three years. The ATF also issues a class 2 license if you sell any type of NFA firearms. Once you have your class 2 license, you can start selling firearms in your community.