Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

who owns marlin firearms

Who owns Marlin firearms? The question is a recurrent one among gun owners. Historically, Marlin has made quality shotguns and rifles. But in recent years, the company has been undergoing a change. Remington recently bought the company and incorporated it into its own production. After Remington acquired Marlin, it became a key member of the Freedom Group. In 2007, Marlin expanded its production by purchasing H&R Firearms, which was subsequently incorporated into Remington’s Freedom Group.

Marlin firearms are made in the United States. The company commenced operations in 1952 and was owned by Remington Outdoor Company. However, Remington filed for bankruptcy in February 2002. In response, Ruger purchased Marlin for $30 million. The new company will begin a process of relocating Marlin Firearms. In the meantime, the company will continue to manufacture and distribute the Marlin brand.

The company’s history dates back to 1924, when Frank Kenna bought it from a New York syndicate. The company went on to become the largest machine-gun producer in the world. However, after World War I, it struggled to survive and was sold at auction. The winning bidder was Frank Kenna, Sr., who had put $100 down on the company. Since then, the Kenna family has run the company.

Marlin Firearms has been owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a private investment firm. The company has operated as a gun manufacturer for over a century. However, it has since been sold to a group of investors led by George Soros. Its new owners include Sturm, Ruger, and Cerberus Capital Management. The company’s recent bankruptcy announcement has caused some speculation about who owns Marlin firearms.

After the 2010 purchase by Remington Outdoor Company, Marlin’s quality suffered. Because Remington refused to hire the experienced personnel Marlin had, its manufacturing facilities suffered. This led to the mass production of subpar rifles. Consequently, Marlin has ceased production of its single-shot rifles. There are still many people in the business who love their rifles, but who owns Marlin firearms?

In 1864, John Mahlon Marlin founded the Marlin Firearms Company. The company manufactured pistols until 1875. In 1875, Marlin started manufacturing Ballard rifles. By 1881, Marlin was making high-powered lever-action rifles. The success of the Model 1881 made Marlin a dominant player in the levergun market. Nowadays, the company owns more than a hundred rifles.

In 2007, Remington Arms, a historic US firearms manufacturer, acquired Marlin Firearms. The company offers rifles in both bolt-action and lever-action styles. Currently, Remington is producing the Marlin brand in Kentucky and New York. The company has high standards of quality and design. It also makes quality hunting rifles. They sell many models that are considered top-rated for hunting.

The Marlin Firearms Company began in 1870 in New Haven, Connecticut. The company produces both shotguns and rifles, and now has two additional factories in Gardner, Massachusetts. Today, Marlin produces an array of weapons, including single shot rifles and lever-action rifles. Its first products were brass-framed derringers and single-shot ballard rifles. Unlike other brands, Marlin still produces a variety of shotguns, including a line of hunting rifles in the.22 rimfire caliber.