How to Become an NRA Firearms Instructor

how to become an nra firearms instructor

You may wonder how to become an NRA firearms instructor. The first step is to attend NRA Basic Instructor Training, which is a 16-hour, two-day class that covers both the basics of teaching and discipline-specific training. You will learn NRA policy and procedures, how to teach in a classroom setting, and how to order materials and equipment. Instructors also receive tips on how to be a more effective instructor. Basic Instructor Training is typically held the night before a specific Pistol class or Saturday, unless arranged by the NRA.

The basic course is comprised of two parts: six hours of basic instructor training, followed by five to fourteen hours of discipline-specific instructor training. To complete the course, you will also need to pass the instructor’s examination. The NRA Instructor Training Course includes a NRA Instructor Candidate Packet, which includes a course outline and lesson plans. In addition to the trainer’s manual, the student will receive a handbook, certificate, and NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure.

The NRA requires prospective instructors to complete a basic course in a discipline. They must also have solid knowledge of firearm safety and fundamental shooting skills. Those who wish to become NRA instructors must also pass a training course and receive an endorsement from a trained NRA Training Counselor. Instructors are endorsed by the NRA and are required to undergo ongoing continuing education in the firearms discipline.

In addition to these courses, there are also discipline-specific NRA firearms instructor courses. To become an NRA firearms instructor, you must complete the Basic Instructor Training Course and take a written examination. A pass on the Basic Instructor Course is not a guarantee of certification. The NRA Basic Instructor Training course requires approximately six hours of classroom time, and is valid for one year. You can also choose to take a course on reloading.

NRA Basic Instructor Training is a three-part course. After completing the Basic Instructor Training, you can move onto the next part of the course – Pistol Instructor Training. You must pass the Pre-Course Assessment to be approved for certification. You may also qualify for GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation if you’ve already taken public speaking or other related courses in another college.