Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now?

who owns marlin firearms now

Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now?

Marlin Firearms Co. is a historic American firearm manufacturer. It used to be based in Madison, North Carolina. The company used to manufacture shotguns, derringers, and revolvers. Its most popular products include a shotgun and a revolver. What’s new with Marlin? Read on to find out. This article will explain the history of the Marlin brand and who owns it now.

Remington Outdoor Group, the parent company of Marlin Firearms, bought the brand and fired all the employees in 2012. Cerberus Capital Management bought Marlin and moved production to New England Firearms. It was a good time for the Marlin brand as it offered affordable, high-quality rifles. However, the recent bankruptcy filing has made Marlin’s fate unknown. Luckily, the company is still working hard to make quality firearms for the public.

Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. bought Marlin Firearms for about $28 million cash on hand. The acquisition is expected to close in September 2020, and the company is currently planning for further growth. The company plans to continue manufacturing high-quality hunting guns and other sporting equipment. If you’re wondering who owns Marlin Firearms now, here’s what you need to know. The company was once owned by Remington Outdoor Company.

Marlin Firearms was a popular gun brand in the United States for more than 141 years. After the acquisition by Remington Outdoor, the company’s quality slipped. The company had no experience building lever-action rifles, and workers were required to learn the craft from scratch. The result was thousands of subpar rifles. It was a bad time for Marlin, and the company’s quality suffered as a result.

In September, Marlin acquired the Remington brand for about $30 million. The company plans to continue manufacturing iconic Marlin sporting rifles, and the purchase will allow the company to sell a variety of different handguns. Its success in this category is due to two main factors: the Marlin line’s design and the company’s history. Historically, Marlin has been competing with Remington for decades, but the new owners of the brand have benefited from that fact.

As a matter of fact, the Marlin brand is still alive, even though the company was acquired by Remington Arms. Its legacy is still in place, but the brand is no longer a household name, but the name has become a symbol. Its lever-action rifles have become synonymous with side ejection. The company also made machine guns, including a number of AK-style rifles.

The Marlin brand has been around for over a century. The company’s success came from its diverse product lineup, including lever-action rifles and single-shot shotguns. The company’s products were also diverse, ranging from rimfire to over/under. They also produced lever-actions and pump-actions. While there is some speculation as to whether or not they are a competitor to Remington, the sale of the Marlin brand is still a good sign for the future of the American gun industry.