How Much Does A Firearms Instructor Make?

how much does a firearms instructor make

How Much Does A Firearms Instructor Make?

How Much Does a Firearms Instructor Make? The average Firearms Instructor earn around $101,500 per year. Firearms Instructors earn the most in San Francisco where they earn an average of over $152,000, averaging out to over 50% more than the national average. A Firearm Instructor is responsible for saving lives and preventing criminals from acting on their wildest imaginations with deadly force. It takes an individual with a passion for teaching and a dedication to teaching others to defend themselves to become a Firearms Instructor.

The basic duties of a Firearms Instructor require a person to hold a Professional Firearm instructor certificate. To receive this certification, a person must pass a test given by the San Francisco Office of the Attorney General. The test covers subjects such as crime prevention, safety and handling, proper weapon usage and dealing with emergencies. All instructors must also complete an approved training program and pass an oral examination. Those who successfully complete the training and exam are issued an instructor certificate.

Once certified, an instructor can work in an array of capacities depending upon the program they are pursuing. An instructor might be employed by a community or private agency that offers gun safety and protection classes. Some other individuals work as security officers at schools or airports, protecting students and faculty from violent incidents. Others may serve as bodyguards or security for celebrities, politicians and other high-profile personalities. Whatever the reason for an instructor’s employment, most individuals make between seventy and eight thousand dollars per year.

In addition to the general duties and responsibilities of an instructor, some specialize in one particular area. For example, a Firearms Instructor might instruct students in how to properly handle and use handguns. They might also instruct students in how to safely store firearms in safes and how to use various applications, including airsoft guns. Firearm instructors may also specialize in teaching younger students about the danger of owning a firearm.

In order to answer how much does a firearms instructor make, an individual must consider not only their job title but the number of years they have been in education. Most individuals begin their careers as EMTs or firefighter. The number of years of experience will help them calculate their average annual salary. Many individuals start out as entry-level aides. After a few years of experience, some can pursue higher-level positions such as instructor or director. The number of years of experience earned will allow an individual to gauge their skills and develop a professional portfolio to send off to potential employers.

If one wishes to start a career as a firearm instructor, there are many schools that offer the necessary training. It is important to attend an accredited school to learn proper procedures. Once a person has passed the state examination, he or she will be able to legally obtain a firearm instructor certificate. The certificate will provide the instructor with the knowledge required to instruct individuals on proper handling of a firearm.