What Are the Two Different Types of Magazines Used on Firearms?

One of the most popular subjects for writers, photographers and even the uninitiated in firearms collecting is magazine content. Magazines can be purchased in retail outlets or can be obtained through mail order and shipped directly from the manufacturer. The type of magazine you purchase depends entirely upon what your needs and desires are. The two different types of magazines are:

General Newsletters or periodicals are usually classified into two different types. They can be general news and reviews of products or services offered by various companies. Or they can be devoted entirely to the recreational use of firearms. Retail distributors offer both types of publications. They carry both new and used models and both manufacturers’ catalogs.

Specialty magazines are a subset of specialized informational magazines. They generally are published for a particular type of firearm or hobby. For example, collectors of antique firearms would read magazines devoted entirely to that topic. Hunting, target shooting, reloading, or collections of antique firearms would be among the topics covered in a special interest magazine. Many of these magazines are devoted solely to the niche.

Computer and Internet publications are a subset of these too. They provide basic information on firearms and may offer links to related web sites. They may not contain reviews of products or services. Rather, they are intended to provide general information on the uses of firearms, safety concerns and hunting regulations. A website that sells guns may have a magazine dedicated to selling guns. Both of these types of publications are widely read by people involved in the recreational sports of firearms.

Film magazines fall under the second of the two different types of magazines discussed above. Film magazines are magazines that focus entirely on the motion picture industry. Film magazines are read by people who have a keen interest in film production, whether it is a small movie or a major Hollywood blockbuster. They cover all topics related to the motion picture industry.

So, as you can see, the two different types of magazines are used on firearms are quite diverse. Each has its loyalists and its critics. The difference lies mostly in the reader’s point of view. Both of them serve important roles, and both need to be maintained.

In essence, then, one type of magazine is used for two different purposes. It is meant to provide safety and instruction to consumers, while the other is meant for entertainment. This makes both magazines wholly valid subjects for study. A hunter may want to read up on his weapon’s specifications, while a film buff may enjoy movies on the subject.

A quick Internet search will yield a wide variety of websites that deal with the question of what are the two different types of magazines used on firearms. Some offer articles on the history and development of the two different types of magazines. Others publish original articles on each of the two different types of magazines. Some sites combine two or more articles from their writers. If you’re interested in publishing an article on this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.