How to Fly With Firearms – Airline Safety Tips

When you are thinking of flying you will come across the different methods of transporting a firearm. The most common method of transportation is in a carry-on luggage, which many people will have already learned to do. Although it is the easiest form of carrying a firearm to and from the airport there are some other ways to go about this carry-on. It depends on your needs and what type of firearm you are transporting as to which method you will want to use.

how to fly with firearms

If you are just going to be taking one or two firearms around with you for the short trips you will want to use a suitcase or soft case. This will help you keep them in the suitcase and easy to access in the event that you need to fire the weapon in an emergency. The luggage has a locking mechanism so that only you can open it, keeping your firearm safe. You can also purchase ammunition crates or hard cases which offer the same protection at a more expensive price. These luggage options are usually best used when you have purchased a large quantity of ammo.

If you are planning on fly fishing and have a full arsenal you may want to consider bringing some extra ammunition. Just a couple of magazines or boxes of ammo will make it much easier when you are trying to fly long distances with a gun to be able to take advantage of a great catch. Another option to consider would be to utilize one of the many carry-on-sized case that airline will provide you. These cases are more secure and will allow you to store your entire gear in one convenient area. Most of these cases will also come with locks on them so that you know your guns are protected at all times.

The problem with using any type of luggage or case while you are on the road with firearms is protection from weather. Airports and some boats will not allow guns and ammunition to be transported through the cabin during flight. Even if you purchase a carry-on-sized bag for bringing your guns on the plane, it will most likely be checked and have a security lock installed so that your firearm is completely protected. Even with this protection, the possibility of losing a magazine or firing a weapon without a firearm holster or gun belt is prevalent so it is wise to purchase a securely padded carrying case if possible to prevent losing any of your precious firearms.

If you are flying with your firearms in a checked bag the airline will generally make sure that the bags do not have any visible weaponry on them. You can help to alleviate this problem by either placing your guns in your plane’s magazines or beside the seats. This way when checking in your bags you will have a display area for displaying them. Just make sure the airline you are flying with lets you do this.

If you do decide to fly with your firearms when traveling, then make sure to check with the airline in advance to see what their policies are regarding flying with firearms on board. Some airlines will allow you to check in with a firearm in your luggage while others will require that you check it separately. You should also inquire as to whether your weapon will be permissible on the flight you are boarding. If it is not then make sure you check with the airline beforehand before you depart.