How to Ship Hand Weapons and Mortar Gear

If you have just flown over to Canada or Alaska and you have plans to travel, you might be wondering how to ship firearms between countries. You might not have been aware that there are specific laws regarding firearms and importing or exportation from Canada and other countries. There is a need to be aware of the laws in place as these can put a lot of strain on your journey. So before you leap in the car and drive away, it is important to check out exactly how to ship firearms correctly, what you are allowed to carry with you, and how much you must know before entering Canadian territory when traveling either to or from Alaska. This can prevent you from running into problems while travelling from one country to another.

how to ship firearms

One thing you must understand about shipping firearms through the mail is that any product that has a magazine included must be posted along with the item in order to be shipped. The only exception to this is if the seller tells you specifically so that it can be shipped as a long gun. If you pick up the rifle or pistol at the local shop, they will usually post it along with the other items they purchased to make sure you get it all. Many times, however, you will find that the local shop will post the firearm and it will also include other things like bullets, accessories, or other things that you may need.

Before leaving for your trip, you should ensure that all of your firearms are securely packed in containers that are appropriate for the items you have. Long guns should be sent in crates or large cardboard boxes that are hard sided so that they are protected from moisture. For handguns, keep them in soft nylon bags or sacks that are tightly sealed. Always remember to add a piece of ammunition in case of an accidental fire. Never send firearms via UPS or FedEx, as these companies do not provide you with a secure means of shipping firearms.

Alaska is a place full of wild life, and flying to Alaska to purchase and hunt the big ones is certainly a fun way to spend your vacation. However, you need to remember that hunting rifles and handguns are strictly against state and federal laws. Even if you have a valid license to own firearms, you cannot possess any in Alaska. The same goes for ammunition and any other type of ammunition you may want to load into your gun. If you are flying to Alaska with rifles or handguns in your luggage, you should contact the firearms licensing department in your state before leaving for your trip.

When it comes to how to ship firearms and ammunition, there are a few different options available. Alaska has opened its borders to outside sources of ammunition and firearms, but it is a very risky proposition to ship anything outside of the country. First, you run the risk of the package becoming lost during transportation, which could lead to serious problems with your shipment. Second, the logistics of the transport itself can be very complicated, and there is no guarantee that the package will arrive on time. Finally, in some cases, firearms and ammunition get damaged while being transported. It would be your responsibility, therefore, to make sure that you have checked all of these boxes before leaving for your trip.

In order to avoid these complications, when considering how to ship firearms and ammunition to Alaska, you should hire an Alaska licensed importer or exporter. An Alaska licensed importer or exporter will ensure that your shipment will be safe under the National Firearms Act and all of the pertinent Federal and State laws. Moreover, an Alaska licensed importer will make sure that all of your items will be prepared for shipment. This includes preparing the shipment for transport and ensuring that all relevant documentation is in order.