How Is Ruger Firearms Making?

Ruger is a brand of firearms manufactured by the Smith and Wesson company. This company is one of the most prestigious firearms manufacturers in the world. Ruger has been around since the year 1924. The company is now known for its high-quality firearms and their unique designs.

Ruger guns are sold in retail stores and online at gun stores around the country. If you are looking to purchase a Ruger firearm, you will need to obtain a serial number. A Ruger firearm serial number is located on the left side of your firearm. Many times a Ruger Industries serial number can be found stamped into the buttstock, under the grip, or stamped into the receiver. It may also be located on the left side of the bolt or stamped on the bottom of the barrel.

Rifles are traditionally smaller than Ruger rifles, although some Ruger models are chambered for use in semi automatics. Both Ruger rifles and handguns are very popular both in the shooting sports and as personal collection pieces. Where are Ruger firearms made is important to know since Ruger makes both rifles and handguns.

Ruger manufactures their rifles in America in the south congress area of Chicago. There is also a Ruger test center located in the town of Springfield Illinois. All Ruger rifles and handguns are manufactured to American standards. When determining where Ruger rifles are made it is important to know that all Ruger models are chambered for use in the United States. Some Ruger rifles are also manufactured in overseas countries.

Any dealer looking to purchase a ruger firearm must have access to a Ruger catalog. The Ruger catalog will list the manufacturing plant, parts assembly, serial numbers and date manufactured for each model in the catalog. Some manufacturers have separate catalogs while others provide a Ruger Firearms catalog that includes all of their products under one umbrella. Having a Ruger catalog when buying a firearm is essential to maintaining control of your inventory.

Knowing where are Ruger guns made is important to you when purchasing a Ruger rifle or handgun. It is very important that you understand what your choices are so that you can make an informed decision. Having a Ruger Firearms representative at your side every time you make a Ruger gun parts or accessory purchase is essential to keeping you fully informed. Having the information you need before making that important gun choice can save you time, money and aggravation.