What Happened To Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

What Happened To Red Jacket Firearms?

Red Jacket Firearms went out of business in 2021. The owner of the company, Stephen subpiro, died in a car accident. His wife had taken over the business when he died. When news of his death first broke, there was an onslaught of negative publicity and questions were asked as to what happened to the company. Was it a fraud or a case of mistaken identity? The whole story is that difficult to understand and even harder to prove.

Stephen’s wife was the primary sign that the company was indeed shut down. She had purchased over 100 guns from the company with the intent to resell them online. Everything started to go wrong for her in the beginning. A couple of guns ended up in the hands of convicted felons who were sent by an acquaintance of hers. She was called by the police to help them trace the guns and came to find out that the guns were registered in another name.

Concerned, she called her boyfriend and other members of the family to come and help her out. When they arrived at her house, they found that the door to the back garage had been busted open. They saw a gun, which they thought was the gun that had been used to rob them, lying on the floor. They immediately called the police and were allowed to search the house.

The problem is that no one could find any firearms in the house. The search turned out to be fruitless. There was nothing in the house that could be related to the company. The question remained as to what happened to red jacket firearms.

Concerned, the Arizona State Police called the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to assist them in their investigation. At first, the ATF was not interested in investigating the company. However, they were contacted by a former employee of the company, who had provided information to the media about the illegal sale of guns. The former employee had also implicated one of the employees, who happened to be the owner of the company. The ATF was able to turn the evidence against the owners of the company, as the former employee had firsthand knowledge of the illegal activities taking place.

When questioned by the media, what happened to red jacket firearms turned out to be a business opportunity. Because the investigation had turned up evidence of what the company did, the company’s future sales would suffer. The media learned that the company sold guns to straw buyers, who were in turn supplied by dealers in Mexico. It was found that there was a great demand for assault weapons in Mexico, which explains the prevalence of these guns in Mexico, especially near the border.