How To Get Firearm Licence

how to get firearms license

How To Get Firearm Licence

There are a number of people who want to know how to get a firearms license in Nigeria. It is an important thing to do before you can own firearms like any other person in Nigeria. You will have to get the license from your allocated police authority and also the local government. Only the Nigerian president can grant a license so think twice before you go to any gun dealer and hand over money. It might not be worth it in the end.

The process of applying for a licence will differ from state to state in Nigeria. As per federal law of the country, only the provincial and local government are supposed to regulate firearms. All licensed dealers must submit to the prescribed form before being issued with a licence. There is no restriction on the age either. Even adult men can apply for the licence and purchase firearms. Although there is a minimal age requirement, still the age should be above 18 years.

The procedure of how to get a firearm licence in Ontario will differ from that of a resident applying for a licence in Ontario. For resident in Ontario, the process of how to get a licence will start by filling out the required details in the prescribed form. The applicant has to change the address as per the prescribed regulations in order to make sure that the details are updated in a federal database. The next step is to provide details regarding his business, social security number and other personal information. The federal government needs this information in order to issue the licence.

The procedure of how to get a firearm licence in Ontario differs from that of resident applying for a licence in another province in another way. There is no province-wide gun application form. The application may be approved only if the details furnished are true and complete. The applicant must prove that he is an adult and he is physically capable of handling a firearm.

The provincial government can approve or decline an application based on several grounds including the reasons mentioned above. The provincial government can also refuse to issue the licence if the applicant does not abide by gun control laws of the province. The applicant can also apply for a national permit if he is neither resident nor non-resident of Ontario. The federal government requires you to submit an application form for how to get a firearm licence, but you do not need to submit a federal or provincial gun application form.

The federal firearms licensees can buy commercial automatic weapons. They need special federal permission because they are considered weapons of war. The licencees must keep them at their premises only and not in any other person’s house, apartment or building. The owners of the business premises have to keep all documents regarding the acquisition of the weapon and must forward the federal report to the National Firearms Registration Centre (NFRS) within two weeks.