A Review of Who Makes Cerbalus Firearms and Rifles

The Who Makes Cerbalus Firearms website recently held an interview on their Facebook page asking fans if they wanted a chance to own the highly collectible line of firearm called the Citadel. The question and answer portion of the forum quickly garnered many loyal fans who answered in their own words. We asked if Who Makes Cerbalus Firearms collectibles such as the Citadel had any similarity to a gun used in the James Bond movie on the silver screen, Skyfall. Many fans said they thought the likeness was quite accurate.

An avid collector of Who Makes Cerbalus Firearms asked, “How does it feel to have your own replica of a British army rifle in your own home? What is it like to fire one and see that it is now made out of stainless steel?” Another fan wrote, “Like firing an antique weapon and watching it appears in action.” A user stated, “It’s nice to be able to own things that are from a different time and place.”

A collector of Who Makes Cerbalus Firearms took his prized gun to the range and had a good old time shooting. He stated, “The weight of the gun is perfect for someone who is not used to carrying firearms. I shoot a couple of these in the back yard. It is very comfortable carrying them. I love being able to shoot it and watch it go downrange without any problems at all.” A user stated, “I use the guns for deer hunting and taking care of the deer. I love that they come with a special license.”

Who Merely Appears To Sell Cerbalus Firearms is a company that produces both airport and regular size rifles and pistols, although not carrying firearms. The owner of Who Merely Appear To Sell Firearms states that their company was started by two former United States customs men who were tired of working for the government, while still having the freedom to carry their personal choice of firearm. They decided to open a store in a nearby shopping center and started selling their products to the public.

Who Merely Appear To Sell Firearms also sells pistols, shotguns, and rifles. However, this is not a place where one can just pick up any firearm. The store requires that you at least have a Class III permit or buy directly from the manufacturer. If you do not have a permit, you cannot buy anything at the store. You can apply for a Class III permit online.

There are many different types of firearms on the market, but none are quite as popular as Who Merely Appear To Sell Firearms. Anyone interested in owning a Who Merely Appears To Sell Firearms should check out the product line. No other company has a better product selection.