How Many Firearms In Us There Are – And What Can We Do About It?

how many firearms in us

How Many Firearms In Us There Are – And What Can We Do About It?

This question has been asked and answered by tens of thousands if not millions of people ever since the beginning of the gun control movement in the US. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no single source of information on this question; the reason being that there are so many different types and styles of guns in the US, and each one of them has its own unique history and place in the American landscape. One thing that all firearms share is that they have been used in some way to either protect ourselves, our family, our property or our country. Now if you are a staunch Second Amendment supporter then you will feel completely justified in asking this question. On the other hand, if you feel that the government’s agenda is to disarm the general public so that they will not have any arms to protect themselves with then this may be an entirely different story in your mind. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on this question, one thing is for sure; there is a massive amount of firearms in the US, and that is what we are here to talk about today.

One of the most important questions that we can ask is how many firearms per 100 people in the US? And the answer is: close to 100%. This means that each and every single person in the country to have a gun; in their homes, in their cars, in their magazines, and at work. There is even a gun for every animal in the park that someone can afford to shoot at. This is one of the cold hard facts of life. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled by the media and the mass media lying to us everyday.

So how many firearms per 100 people do we actually need in order to protect ourselves? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that the answer to that question is; “all of them”. This is the only true and accurate answer that anyone should ever give us. There is just too much evil in the world that we don’t need to be bringing more weapons into it. And there is also too much potential for disaster in the world to ever allow more weapons.

So the real question to ask ourselves is; how many firearms does the average citizen have in their home, on their car, at work, or somewhere else? This question is so important that it needs to be answered. And the only way that this question can ever be answered is by having everyone in the country to carry a firearm.

In the beginning, when pistols and revolvers were the most popular guns, they were not particularly easy to find. It took a lot of hunting and searching in order to find one. And while a few years ago, it was completely impossible to own a handgun because of all the criminals. But now, just about anyone with a legal right to own firearms can own them. This is not to say that the criminals haven’t gotten their hands on some handguns, but now the good people who are carrying them are also taking precautions and securing their guns properly.

Now that we know the answer to the question; how many firearms in us there are, we can determine what steps need to be taken to stop gun violence in America. The first step is for each of us to get a copy of the statistical report from the ATF. We also need to understand that this doesn’t include the number of legally owned firearms, just the number of firearms that are in circulation. Because of this information, there are many resources on the Internet that are available to provide this data for us. All it takes is a little bit of looking around.