Who Invented Firearms?

who invented firearms

Who Invented Firearms?

The question as to who invented firearms is an extremely difficult one to answer. It is generally agreed that gunpowder was in existence hundreds of years before the gun was even invented. At the same time there are those who believe that gunpowder was not developed until the 12th century. While there is some truth in both of these positions, the true story depends upon who you ask.

Those who favor the theory that gunpowder was developed before the invention of firearms believe that it was developed by some Chinese scientists. The Chinese used black powder for a long time before inventing bullets and firearms. As a matter of fact, it was the use of black powder that made the concept of using potassium fertilizer possible.

Before discussing the other two great inventions made by the Chinese, let’s take a look at how gunpowder actually works. Basically, gunpowder consists of three main components: sulfur, potassium powder, and copper powder. When the components combine they create an explosion of sorts that creates a chemical reaction that creates energy. This energy is responsible for generating a large amount of heat, which is what allows a bullet to fly.

In order to understand how gunpowder works, it is important to know a little history about how it was invented. As previously mentioned, black powder was first used by the Chinese. During their research into creating more stable powder they discovered that combining sulfur and potassium produced a reaction that gave off energy much like the power in a bomb. When they combined sulfur and potassium they were able to increase the pressure of the gas thereby making it harder for the bullet to fly. After they had successfully created this highly efficient powder they were able to use it to test larger cannonballs. Eventually, with the help of a sulfur smith, gunpowder was created.

One of the interesting things about gunpowder is that it spread throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa quickly. This is largely due to the fact that it was easy to manufacture and could be mixed with water. Because gunpowder was so useful, people were quick to make gunpowder weapons for use in wars. In fact, gunpowder became so common that the middle ages were marked by a great number of gun wars.

Gunpowder quickly replaced black powder as a weapon of war because gunpowder could be made in large quantities, made better by combining elements, and had a longer shelf life than black powder. Because gunpowder allowed for large scale wars, its use spread throughout Europe and into other countries such as China, India, and Japan. In addition to gunpowder being a popular weapon of war gunpowder also became a popular source of food during the early days of the country. This is because gunpowder was used to create a substance that could allow foods to be dried much more quickly, and was also used as a source of salt.